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Prevent Cancer Now updates

By the Prevent Cancer Now team

Almost overnight we have gone from one of the coldest winters ever, with eyes freezing shut in the wind, to blossoms and recent highs of 30C. Life is full of contrasts.

None can compete with contrasts of life before and after a cancer diagnosis, or before and after a loved one passes on. Our hearts go out to our friends and families so affected, and this stiffens our resolve to work tirelessly, to stop cancer before it starts.

Thank you to those who filled in our survey. The winner of 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic has been chosen, so if you have not heard back, it was someone else. As well, some people interested in citizen science did not provide an email address, so please email us to get involved in a couple of exciting projects.

Speaking out

Prevent Cancer Now has been speaking up for you. Submissions on pesticides, pipelines, tritium, and wireless radiation are all linked from here.

Some articles in this issue of An Ounce are adapted from pieces crafted by our new, committed, talented Writers’ Circle, including Diane Beckett, Meredith Kost, Susan Koswan, Barb Payne, Sandra Madray and Robin McLeod, along with Meg Sears. We are periodically sending information and short articles to media, welcoming republication, with credit to Prevent Cancer Now. If you know of a newspaper or newsletter that would like topical, periodic cancer prevention information, please email us. We’ll gladly add them to the circulation.

If you agree that An Ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure, please share information and resources, including our weekly cancer prevention tips.

Annual General Meeting

Another year is flying by – our Annual Meeting will be coming up at the end of June. Prevent Cancer Now has a working Board, and we welcome nominations for Board members. Passion for cancer prevention is essential, and those with expertise in science, medicine, law, finance, writing, drawing, communications, fundraising, administration, and foremost, laughing and loving. Please email us for more information.

Support PCN!

On balance Prevent Cancer Now receives more services from dedicated volunteers than what we pay for, but expenses nevertheless pile up. Please consider a donation, big or small, and send a vote of confidence our way at the same time.

Email us with ideas and offers for public education and fundraising.

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Thank you for being part of the future we want,
when cancer is stopped before it starts,
with the best cure of all.

Also in the MAY 2015 Issue of An Ounce Newsletter

Published: May 19, 2015


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