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Precautionary Principle: the Nicole Bruinsma Story

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by PCN Staff

Precautionary Principle: the Nicole Bruinsma Story [1] tells the story of small town Québec family doctor, Nicole Bruinsma, and the pivotal role she plays in galvanizing community support and effecting a municipal ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides.

Nicole is a charismatic and brilliant woman, a dedicated wife and mother. When she is diagnosed with breast cancer and has none of the usual risk factors in her heredity or lifestyle, she investigates and becomes convinced chemical environmental hazards have played a role in her illness.

The film follows Nicole as she battles on two fronts: pushing to have protective environmental legislation in her community and country, and fighting her own devastating illness. Sadly, she only wins one of these battles. Precautionary Principle: the Nicole Bruinsma Story is a story of what one person can do – with the ultimate message that we all need to take action for our environment.

Check here [2] for showings new you.

Screenings may be arranged by contacting brenda@rooneyproductions.com [3].


Also in the WINTER 2014 [4] Issue of An Ounce [5]


Published: February 4th, 2014

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