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Answer for Cancer Tour

By Dallas Shannon

This summer, from June 11 – August 13, the Answer for Cancer (ACT) group will be organizing a 32,000 Kilometer motorcycle tour through 60 cities in 48 states and 10 provinces. They will be raising awareness for cancer prevention – the ACT group recognizes that prevention is the ultimate cure.

Prevent Cancer Now is pleased to announce that we were chosen to be the beneficiary for the 2011 Answer for Cancer tour. 100% of the proceeds raised on the Canadian portion of the ride are going directly to Prevent Cancer Now. If you know anyone who rides a motorcycle, please encourage them to go to the ACT website (below) and sign up to participate in a leg of the ride.

Emissions from the internal combustion engine contain pollutants that are known to increase the risk of cancer. During the ACT Tour 2011, a new type of technology will be introduced which promotes the use of the North American fuel: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). One of the ACT’s major sponsors has developed a technology that converts the most pollutant vehicles in North America, the heavy-duty diesel engine, to run exclusively on CNG (or hydrogen, propane, LNG, or a combination of all). With zero loss of horsepower and increased fuel efficiency, this technology reduces 90% to 100% of all emissions created by these diesel trucks. Coming to market as an after-market kit (and select original equipment manufacturers) through multiple regional distribution channels, this multi-patented process will revolutionize the way an internal combustion engine performs. Within Canada and its territories, Green Trust Innovations, Inc. (Performax Injectors) is the distributor. In The United States, Paradigm Energy Group, LLC (Clean Green Conversions) is the distributor.

Here are two short videos – part one and part two – that explain the technology in more detail.

In the future, the ACT will be conducted only on motorcycles that have the hydrogen technology installed. Exciting news!

Why not make your 2011 Cancer Prevention Challenge a commitment to ride one leg of the Answer for Cancer Tour? You can raise money and awareness simply by participating.

To find out more about the ride and how you can join in, please click here.

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