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Canadians Appeal to the Federal Government for Safe Internet – Suspend 5G Rollout

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Health Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation ~ PCN co-authored peer-reviewed sciencechild_adult_radiofrequency_vr_2

Building Science and Radiofrequency Radiation: What Makes Smart and Healthy Buildings Building and Environment 176 (June 1, 2020).

Risks to Health and Well-Being From Radio-Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices Frontiers in Public Health 7 (2019)

Absorption of Wireless Radiation in the Child versus Adult Brain and Eye from Cell Phone Conversation or Virtual Reality Environmental Research 167 (November 1, 2018): 694–99.

Science Meets the Law

Is chemical assessment protecting against low dose and delayed effects?
How could the Canadian Environmental Protection Act be improved?

Impacts of Wireless Technology on Health

(media conference, Queen’s Park, May 30, 2019)

There is a range of evidence that adverse health effects can result from exposure to interconnected wireless devices and infrastructure that emits nonionizing microwave or radiofrequency radiation (MW/RFR). Adverse effects can include: cancer, impairment of reproduction and child development, amplification of toxicities of other agents, and contribution to chronic disease. Additionally, at exposure levels of MW/RFR commonly tolerated by the general population, some patients experience acute and chronic symptoms including fatigue, tinnitus, headaches, as well as neurological and cardiac dysfunction. A Symposium of experts was convened at Women’s College Hospital, May 31, 2019.

Glyphosate Concerns Persist

Following Health Canada’s refusal to conduct independent review of glyphosate (in Roundup), Canadians objecting to the registration are even more concerned. Prevent Cancer Now first outlined concerns when the International Agency for Research on Cancer determined that glyposate probably causes cancer, in 2015. We commented on re-evaluation, then in 2017 joined a coalition that objected to re-registration of glyphosate, and called for an independent review panel with the original coalition as well as others.

In Remembrance of Sandra Ann Madray sandra

It is with sorrow and a sense of profound loss that we share that Sandra Ann Madray passed away peacefully at home in Winnipeg, with her family at her side, on Friday August 17th. As a Prevent Cancer Now Board member, Sandra was a leader in substantive submissions on specific substances, as well as legislative change. Most recently, Sandra worked for a modern Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (1999), that would recognize that substances that affect signalling in cells or hormonal actions, are inherently toxic, and require least-toxic, safest options. Read More

Prevention Paradox: Why We are Failing to Prevent Disease

Little Things Matter is back! Dr. Bruce Lanphear explains the prevention paradox – that only a small fraction of diseases occur among those considered most at risk, such as overweight and obese individuals. What if toxicants underlie both fatness and cancer? – the prevention approach should be different.

Little Things Matter

The Secret Inside Your Phone – CBC Marketplace – Sun March 26, 10:30am

Wendy Mesley visits Berkley California, where the cell phone industry is fighting to keep instructions on how to use your phone out of sight. Tests show that today’s phones exceed emission standards, when held against the body … or ear. Follow Wendy across North America, asking why phones should be kept away from to body, and what is the latest on cell phones and cancer.