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By PCN Staff


The Toxic Assault on Our Children
Bill Moyers & Company Interview with Sandra Steingraber (Spring 2013)

Biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber discusses her fight against fracking and toxins contaminating our air, water and food (WATCH [1]).


Public review of Nuclear Shield Law needed

The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA), along with Greenpeace, held a press conference [2] to bring public attention to the federal government’s closed-door negotiations with the nuclear industry on modernizing the Nuclear Liability Act (NLA). CELA argued that this practice must end and be replaced with a broader public consultation. CELA asked Natural Resources Canada to undertake a public review of the NLA through a petition [3] to the Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development. Passed in the 1970s, the NLA caps the liability of reactor operators at $75 million dollars in the event of an accident and completely absolves reactor suppliers and vendors of responsibility.

Learn more! Subscribe to the Stop Darlington list by e-mailing stop.darlington@greenpeace.org [4] and the anti-nuke news by e-mailing angela@cleanairalliance.org [5].

CELA launches federal challenge to Darlington refurbishment

CELA and Ecojustice filed a lawsuit [6] on behalf of several environmental groups to ensure the federal government complies with existing laws. Current laws require it to examine whether rebuilding and extending the operating life of the Darlington nuclear generating station for decades will harm Ontario’s air, water or land. The suit asks the Court to overturn an environmental assessment because it did not meet the legal standard set out in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, which is intended to ensure projects are considered carefully and with public input before they proceed. The environmental groups filing this lawsuit include Greenpeace Canada [7], CELA [8], Lake Ontario Waterkeeper [9] and Northwatch [10].

CELA raises questions about Pickering’s emergency plans

In mid-April, CELA Executive Director Theresa McClenaghan spoke about the questionable quality of Toronto’s nuclear emergency plans [11] in the event of an accident at Pickering, during a public discussion held at Metro Hall. The Ontario government wants to run the ageing Pickering reactors, located just 30km from downtown Toronto, well beyond their design life. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission held public hearings on Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) request to keep running the ageing reactors in late May in Pickering.


New Scientist (May 15)
Move to restrict asbestos trade blocked [12]

Media Release (May 11)
Asbestos ‘Rotterdam Convention’ in crisis, say civil society groups [13]

New York Times (April 25)
Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer [14]

Media Release (April 25)
Asbestos lobbyists determined to sabotage UN Rotterdam Convention [15]

Yahoo News (April 4)
Consumer group finds alarming levels of chemicals in popular cosmetics [16]

Surrey North Delta Leader (April 2)
New study says Vancouver should end garbage incineration [17]

Waste & Recycling News (March 29)
Incineration fears fuel zero waste effort [18]

CBC News (March 26)
Asbestos in at least 180 Québec healthcare facilities [19]

National Post (March 17)
Is the war on cancer an ‘utter failure’? [20]

Winnipeg Free Press (February 26)
Most Manitobans support banning garden, lawn pesticides: new poll [21]

Also in the JULY 2013 [22] Issue of An Ounce [23]

Published: July 1st, 2013

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