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By PCN Staff

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  • Are your favourite cleaners hiding something [9]? Do your favourite cleaners have a DIRTY LITTLE SECRET? Great relationships are built on trust. Check the labels on your household cleaners. Is every ingredient listed? Chances are, they’re not. There is currently no Canadian law requiring manufacturers to reveal the full list of ingredients in home cleaning products, or the long-term health and environmental hazards of certain chemicals. You deserve better! Take a moment and please send a message to Canada’s Health Minister [10] urging her to mandate full disclosure of ingredients and safety hazards on ALL household cleaning products. It only takes a moment!

Recommended Reading…

  • There’s a great resource on indoor wood burning from the Canadian Lung Association [11]. A big thanks to the Canadian Clean Air Alliance [12] for drawing our attention to it! Approximately three million Canadian households use wood to heat their homes. Burning wood can release pollutants into the air we breathe, especially when poor burning techniques and wood burning appliances are used. Research indicates that a reduction in disease resistance is associated with wood smoke exposure. Exposure to wood smoke can disrupt the cellular membranes, depress immune system activity, damage the layer of cells that protect and cleanse the airways, and disrupt enzyme levels. The health effects of wood smoke exposure include increased respiratory symptoms, increased hospital admissions for lower respiratory infections, exacerbation of asthma, and decreased breathing ability. Young children, the elderly, and people with pre-existing cardiopulmonary disease are most likely to be affected. Click here to learn more [13]!


  • Prevent Cancer Now recently held two successful events in Ottawa, including a special May 7th presentation on “How to Eat Well [14]” by Michael Greger, MD, and a fundraising dinner [15] at Zola’s Restaurant on May 9th. A big thanks to Jake Cole, PCN Board Member and Co-Chair, for pulling these great events together. Keep up the great work Jake!
  • Residents of Rossland BC recently shave their heads to raise money for cancer prevention! Numerous participant came out to the Roller Derby Double Header to have their head shaved or hair cut (hair longer than 8 inches was donated to make wigs for people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment). Be sure to take a moment to check out their “Facebook Event [16]” page! It’s a great idea that you could do in your community! Proceeds were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society and Prevent Cancer Now.
  • World Health Day Celebrates Healthy Aging! April 7th was World Health Day [17], an annual observation to mark the founding of the World Health organization (WHO) in 1948. The theme this year is “Good health adds years to life.” According to a statement issued by the United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, this theme “conveys an important message: promoting health. The Global brief for World Health Day 2012 took a fresh look at health data on ageing to help us better understand the needs of older people. Sections include key points, the demographics of ageing and the epidemiology of population ageing. The document also outlines four key actions that governments and societies can take now for healthier and more active ageing. Click here to learn more [18]!
  • Breast Cancer Fund turns 20 years old – a pretty big deal for cancer prevention! You can post a congratulatory message on their Facebook Page [19].

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Also in the Spring 2012 [22] Issue of An Ounce [23]

Published: May 14th, 2012

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