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By PCN Staff


NOW Magazine (February 28, 2013) Should I look for a lower-radiation cellphone? [1]

PCN Action Alert (February 2013) Help prevent cancer by saying NO! to GMO salmon production on PEI [2]

New York Times (February 12, 2013) Report Faults Priorities in Studying Breast Cancer [3]

CBC News (February 11, 2013) Tanning beds forbidden for Quebec minors [4]

David Suzuki Foundation (February 2013) ‘Dirty Dozen’ cosmetic chemicals to avoid [5]

CBC News (February 5, 2013) Environment commissioner worried about fracking [6]

UK Guardian (February 4, 2013) Pesticides ‘can kill frogs within an hour’ [7]

Right On Canada (February 4, 2013) McGill challenged on asbestos research [8]

New York Times (January 11, 2013) A cancer cycle, from here to China [9]

Science Daily (December 12, 2012) Study identifies risk factors for multiple myeloma [10]

Ecojustice (November 30, 2012) How your furniture might be harming your health [11]

CBC News (November 19, 2012) Study: Breast cancer risks on the job a neglected area; poorly understood [12]

Huffington Post (October 2012) Where Cancer Prevention Must Start [13]

Prevent Cancer Now hosted its first Toronto fundraiser February 12th at Estiatorio Volos. We would like to thank everyone who helped make it a success – all who attended, our wonderful venue Volos, and all of our supporting Sponsors!

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Also in the WINTER 2013 [15] Issue of An Ounce [16]

Published: March 4th, 2013


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