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PCN is moving ahead – Be part of the excitement!

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By PCN Staff

As Canadians move on from one of our longest, cruelest winter in years, Prevent Cancer Now is being renewed as well.

Organizers, writers, scientists, lawyers, doctors, Mums and Dads – you all have important roles to play. Help to organize a movie screening, work with a scientist to analyse data, arrange a meeting with your politicians or employer… There’s no limit to the ways you can make our world a healthier place.

Prevent Cancer Now has lots of opportunities for volunteers [1], and nominations for our Board of Directors [2] are also now open!

All PCN members [3] are invited to attend [4] and participate in the online [4] Annual General Meeting. We would love to add your energy [1] to Canada’s premier cancer prevention organization!


Watch for it! The website will soon be expanded with the latest information to prevent cancer at home and in your community.

Prevent Cancer Now is gearing up to educate candidates and voters in upcoming elections – be part of the action by joining the PCN team here [1]!

In the meantime, this issue of An Ounce [6] features summer-time cancer prevention advice from prominent scientists:

  • Dr. Devra Davis’ latest thoughts on radiofrequency radiation, in light of the debacle of Health Canada’s review of Safety Code 6;
  • Dr. Michael Gilbertson’s analysis that breast cancer may arise from your work;
  • an update on breast screening; and
  • lots of outdoors information – from artificial turf to sunscreen and more!

We love to hear from you! Email us (info@preventcancernow.ca [7]) or give us a call (613-755-0110).


– The PCN Team

Also in the JUNE 2014 [8] Issue of An Ounce [9]


Published: June 25th, 2014

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