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Ongoing resources to keep in mind!

There are a number of credible organizations making the connections between health and environment. We want to remind you to check them out regularly. In this issue of An Ounce, we are reminding you about three of them.

Centre for Environment, Health and Justice (CHEJ): CHEJ mentors a movement, empowering people to build healthy communities and working to prevent harm to human health caused by exposure to environmental threats.

Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment (CNHHE-RCSHE): CNHHE is a Canadian-based network of non-governmental, research, health professional and policy organizations focusing on human health and the impacts of environmental exposures. Their bulletin (in English et en francais) includes events, resources, and health and environment news. Prevent Cancer Now is sending a representative to their upcoming Annual General Meeting, to be held in conjunction with the Canadian Public Health Association’s Conference on June 13, 2010. Diana Daghofer will have a report on the conference in our next issue.

Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE): CHE’s primary mission is to strengthen the science dialogue on environmental factors impacting human health and to facilitate collaborative efforts to address environmental health concerns. CHE is an international partnership of over 3,500 individuals and organizations in 45 countries and 48 states, including scientists, health professionals, health-affected groups, nongovernmental organizations and other concerned citizens, committed to improving human and ecological health. CHE hosts regular partnership calls on topics relevant to readers of An Ounce, and MP3 recordings or presentations are available on their website. Two calls in May focused on topics discussed in this issue of An Ounce: “The Information Age and EMF/RF Illnesses: The Potential for EMF and Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Illnesses and How Smart Choices in New Technologies Can Reduce Potential Risks” and “The President’s Cancer Panel Report: “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now.” Click here for MP3 recordings from recent CHE teleconference calls.

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