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Noted international author warns of cell phone dangers

By Jake Cole

We held a special event in Ottawa last November featuring Devra Davis who spoke on the cancer dangers of cell phones. About 100 people attended the event and we used the occasion to announce our cancer prevention lecture series (See also Prevention is the Cure, below). The event was also sponsored by a local Jewish synagogue and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, one of PCN’s funding sponsors.

disconnect1Dr. Davis’ new book Disconnect takes readers through the history of cell phone development and explains how health issues were overlooked or ignored by the industry as the technology developed. She noted that today’s cell phones have some scary warnings found only in the very small print in the operating instructions. She advised the audience to read these carefully. She also warned against young children owning or having ready access to cell phones, pointing out that young brains are more susceptible than adult brains to the radiation from cell phones.

She compared cell phone users to involuntary lab rats – both are using an untested, and potentially very dangerous product without knowing the real health impacts.

Dr. Davis also warned the audience about cordless phones as they have similar, and sometimes higher, radiation levels than cell phones. She advised users not to keep cordless phones beside their beds.

She advises using a cell phone wisely – holding it away from the head, not carrying it near the body, and using a wired headset whenever possible.

Prevent Cancer Now is working with Dr. Davis and a consortium of international experts to develop multi-country guidelines for the safe development and use of cell phones. You can learn more about this and related subjects on her website.

For those wishing to check a Canadian source on this subject, Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University in Peterborough (Ontario) is also a recognized expert in this area. You can learn more at her website.

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