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Write to Your Local Paper

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Write a Letter to the Editor – Make a Difference!

The letters to the editor section of a newspaper provides readers a valuable opportunity to raise awareness on important issues and inspire others to take action. Political leaders and other policy makers rely upon letters to the editor to gauge the views of their constituents.

A letter is best received when written in response to a recent news article, opinion piece or editorial. Be sure to cite the date and title of the article or editorial at the beginning of your letter (e.g. Letter Re: “Cancer Rates Continue to Rise”, Editorial / Feb. 25). Try to write your letter as soon as possible – timeliness is extremely important. Never wait more than a day-or-two to send your letter or it often won’t be published – especially in larger newspapers with an active readership.

When writing your letter use personal stories and local statistics whenever possible. You will strengthen your letter and greatly improve your chance of being published.

Be sure to proof-read your letter for spelling and grammar before sending, but not immediately after writing it. Set it aside for an hour and read it again with fresh eyes. When you are finished, ask yourself: Does the letter communicate my point clearly? Will my words inspire action?

The key to ensuring that your letter has a strong chance of being published is to write a good letter. Newspapers receive many more letters than they have room to print, so be sure your letter is brief as possible and gets right to the point!

Newspapers will not publish anonymous letters – so don’t forget to include your contact information. Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number (someone from the newspaper often calls to confirm your identity).

The next time you get an opportunity please take a few minutes and write a letter to the editor. And if your letter is published, please send a copy to us! We’d love to read it.

In Summary:

  • Keep your letter short
  • Relate your letter to a recent news article or opinion piece
  • Use local statistics and personal stories where possible
  • Proof-read your letter before sending
  • Don’t forget to include your name, phone number and address
Eliminating Carcinogens

Letter to the Editor
Re: “Cancer Rates Continue to Rise”, Editorial / Feb. 25

Dear Editor,

In Canada, there has been a sharp rise in cancer since the 1970s. One third of Canadian females and half of Canadian males will develop cancer. Most cancers are preventable – they are not inherited, but caused by repeated or prolonged exposure to environmental hazards. The majority of Canadians have no idea they are being exposed to known, or suspected, carcinogens every day – but they are! They are exposed through the food they eat, makeup they wear, cleaning products they use and many other consumer products.

The Federal Government is responsible for protecting the health of its citizens through regulation of food and consumer products. It should be doing its job and setting strict targets for the phase-out and elimination of all known and suspected carcinogens.

Sincerely, Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number

Letter to the Editor – Email Addresses

Immediately below are the email addresses for the editorial desk at major Canadian newspapers. For links to Canadian newspapers and media websites, visit the Media Section [1] of our Links Page.


Globe and Mail, editorials@globeandmail.ca [2]
Toronto Star, lettertoed@thestar.com [3]
National Post, letters@nationalpost.com [4]

Provincial / Territorial

British Columbia

Vancouver Sun, sunletters@vancouversun.com [5]
Vancouver Province, provletters@theprovince.com [6]
Victoria Times Colonist, letters@timescolonist.com [7]
Prince George Citizen, letters@princegeorgecitizen.com [8]
Penticton Herald, editor@pentictonherald.ca [9]
Alberni Valley News, editor@albernivalleynews.com [10]
Nanaimo Daily News, letters@nanaimodailynews.com [11]
Abbotsford News, editor@abbynews.com [12]


Calgary Herald, letters@calgaryherald.com [13]
Calgary Sun, callet@calgarysun.com [14]
Edmonton Journal, letters@edmontonjournal.com [15]
Edmonton Sun, mailbag@edmsun.com [16]
Lethbridge Herald [17] (web-based letter form)
Fort McMurray Today [18] (web-based letter form)
Grande Prairie Herald Tribune, letters@bowesnet.com [19]


White Horse Star, letters@whitehorsestar.com [20]


Saskatoon StarPhoenix, citydesk@thestarphoenix.com [21]
Regina Leader Post, letters@leaderpost.com [22]


Winnipeg Free Press, letters@freepress.mb.ca [23]
Winnipeg Sun, editor@wpgsun.com [24]
Brandon Sun, opinion@brandonsun.com [25]


Toronto Sun, editor@tor.sunpub.com [26]
Ottawa Sun, ottsun.oped@sunmedia.ca [27]
Ottawa Citizen, letters@ottawacitizen.com [28]
Windsor Star, letters@windsorstar.com [29]
London Free Press, letters@lfpress.com [30]
Guelph Mercury, editor@guelphmercury.com [31]
Hamilton Spectator, letters@hamiltonspectator.com [32]
Kingston Whig Standard, whiged@thewhig.com [33]
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, letters@therecord.com [34]
Sudbury Star, editorial@thesudburystar.com [35]
Brockville Recorder & Times, editor@tor.sunpub.com [26]
Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, letters@chroniclejournal.com [36]
Sault Star, ssmstar@saultstar.com [37]


Montreal Gazette, letters@montrealgazette.com [38]
Le Droit, editorial@ledroit.com [39]
La Presse, redaction@lapresse.ca [40]
Le Devoir, redaction@ledevoir.com [41]

Newfoundland & Labrador

St. John’s Telegram, letters@thetelegram.com [42]

Nova Scotia

Halifax Daily News, letterstoeditor@hfxnews.ca [43]
Halifax Herald, letters@herald.ns.ca [44]
Cape Breton Post, letters@cbpost.com [45]

New Brunswick

Fredericton Daily Gleaner, letters@dailygleaner.com [46]
Moncton Times & Transcript [47] (web-based letter form)
New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal [48] (web-based letter form)

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown Guardian, letters@theguardian.pe.ca [49]
Journal Pioneer [50] (web-based letter form)

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