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Join Prevent Cancer Now in Cyberspace!

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Did you know Prevent Cancer Now has a “social networking presence”?
Well we do – on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr!

What are social networking web sites?

Social networking web sites function like an online community of internet users who share a common interest – such as cancer prevention ?. Once you join, or are granted access to a social networking site, you can begin to network, socialize and strategize with like-minded individuals.

For example, PCN has a Facebook [1] page (which we encourage you to join right now!). From time-to-time we will send out important Action Alerts or breaking news about cancer prevention news and activities. And once you join, you can help us expand our Facebook network by inviting your friends to join. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 – and we would greatly appreciate it! (see diagrams below)


We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter [2] – a really cool new networking tool that allows us to send and receive brief message to your computer – and even your cell phone if you choose.

And if you want to see us in action, you must visit our Flickr [3] webpage. There are lots of really newly loaded photos there, including from our successful Red Mountain Cancer Prevent Challenge in British Columbia. You’ll also find a great photo of PCN Board Members from our 2008 Fall Planning retreat.

If you received this e-newsletter by email, you are already a subscriber (in case people get confused with the above-mentioned groups). If you didn’t, it takes only 2 seconds. Simply go to our PCN website [4] and look for the gray box at the bottom right-hand side of the web page. Enter your email address and voila! – you’re subscribed. Please encourage your friends and family to sign-up too. (see diagrams below)


See you in cyberspace soon!

The PCN Team


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