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Janet Ringer’s 65th Birthday

I never thought I’d be so happy to be turning 65! But after being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer three years ago and undergoing surgery, chemo, and radiation, I’m thrilled to be alive AND cancer free. So I’ve decided to celebrate this milestone by raising money for a Canadian advocacy group called PreventCancerNow.ca.

This organization is dedicated to “building a Canada-wide movement to eliminate the preventable causes of cancer”. By taking such measures as reducing carcinogens in our environment and boosting our immune systems, it’s estimated that 80% of cancers could be prevented.

Please help me celebrate LIFE and PREVENT CANCER NOW.

You have two options to donate:

  • To support PCN’s advocacy work, send a cheque or money order to Prevent Cancer Now at: #138 – 99 Fifth Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5P5. Write on the back of your cheque or money: “Janet’s Fundraiser“. Please note that non-profits that do advocacy work are not eligible for charitiable status and therefore cannot issue tax receipts. I’m hoping you will donate anyway because fighting for a cleaner environment and the elimination of carcinogens from our food and personal products is vital to everyone’s future!
  • If you do need a tax receipt, donate to PCN’s sister organization the Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation by going to CanadaHelps.org. When making your secure online donation you’ll have an opportunity to provide additional information – please type in “Janet’s Fundraiser“.

For more information about Prevent Cancer Now, go to their website at www.PreventCancerNow.ca

Cancer touches so many lives. Together we can make a difference. Donate today!