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Halifax cancer prevention series wraps-up

By Savayda Jarone


The Halifax Cancer Prevention Series wrapped up the end of April and was a success once again. Each year, the best outcomes of the series include a feeling of unity and an opportunity for like-minded people to gather to exchange ideas and practical solutions, in support of the belief that prevention is essential when dealing with the epidemic of cancer.

I started the series with my friend Jeffrey Maldaver seven years ago out of a desire to inspire people to think about cancer from the angle of prevention. Jeffrey is a 23 year cancer survivor and I am a medical herbalist, both with our own perspectives on prevention. We gathered other community members to share their professional input on the matter, and the series was born.

There are many approaches to cancer prevention, and over the course of the series we include presentations that address mind, body, spirit and environmental solutions. The series began with a presentation by Leroy Lowe called Getting to Know Cancer. Leroy is from a new Canadian non-profit cancer prevention organization by the same name. He did a fabulous job demystifying the disease and highlighting the known causative pathways to cancer development and corresponding preventative approaches. We hope to have him back next year to join our regular team of gifted and valued presenters.

We were fortunate once again to have the generous support of the Westin Hotel as host to the series. We operate well on a small budget, which is acquired through fundraising. Approximately fifty people came out for each of the six nights of the series, some with cancer, all affected by the disease in some way. We hope to double our numbers next year and we need volunteers to help make it happen. We need to strengthen our promotional efforts. And we all need to become actively engaged in taking good care of ourselves, a goal which the Cancer Prevention Series supports so well.

I want this article to inspire you to organize a cancer prevention series in your own town. It is easy to do. Positive change happens when people get together for exploration and sharing of ideas and resources. Please contact me for ideas for getting started.

I wish you lots of healthy new spring growth.

Savayda Jarone is a Medical Herbalist and member of the PCN Board

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Published: May 14th, 2012