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Greening your beauty regime for a healthy body and a healthy planet

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By Laura Woodward

PHOTO: Sierra Club’s new “Healthy Beauty for Life Cosmetic Kit”

When thinking about reducing your footprint on the earth and improving your health, your cosmetic bag may be the last place you think of that needs a green makeover. But scientists have discovered that cosmetics and personal care products are making their way into our environment when they are washed away during baths, showers and hand washing.

How many cosmetics and personal care products do you and your teenagers use on a daily basis? Chances are, your family is slathering hundreds of different chemicals onto your skin, lips, hair and nails every day.

A recent study [2] on Triclosan, a chemical commonly found in cosmetics, toothpaste, and anti-bacterial soaps, established that the chemical is very toxic to the environment and harms aquatic ecosystems. There are also strong suspicions that it may adversely affect human health, though according to Health Canada, more research is needed.

So what does this mean for us? While our federal government is currently drafting a plan to limit (and perhaps eliminate) the use of Triclosan in personal care products, the Sierra Club Canada Foundation is urging everyone to avoid toxic chemicals by becoming a critical shopper. Triclosan is only one of hundreds of chemicals found in cosmetics and other personal care products!

To help parents and teens give their cosmetic bags a green makeover, Sierra Club Canada Foundation has created a Healthy Beauty for Life Cosmetic Kit (click here to see a large photo [1]).

Why Give Your Cosmetic Kit a Green Makeover?

When teenagers are first experimenting with makeup, it is important for parents to teach their children to think critically about the ingredients they are absorbing into their bodies and washing away into the environment. In a study by the Environmental Working Group, several toxic chemicals found in cosmetics were also found in the bodies of adolescent girls. The chemicals, including parabens and phthalates, are linked to cancer and hormone disruption. Using cosmetics or personal care products containing hormone disrupting chemicals is especially dangerous for teens as they are developing at this age. Hormones guide their development and any changes in hormone levels may affect their growth. Parents want to keep their kids safe and healthy, so limiting their exposure to such risks should be given more consideration.

Another problem is that little research has been done to find out what happens when we’re exposed to several different products containing hundreds of different chemicals in combination. Some chemicals may not cause any harm on their own until another type of chemical is added to the mix.

The Healthy Beauty for Life cosmetic Kit contains cosmetic and personal care products, information, samples and coupons from our eco-friendly, non-toxic partner companies. To find out more about the Healthy Beauty for Life campaign and Cosmetic Kit (and how to get your own kit today) visit our website [3]!

Laura Woodward is a Campaigner with Sierra Club Canada


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Published: May 14th, 2012

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