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Help Prevent Cancer Now raise lots of $$$ in
the 2010 Cancer Prevention Challenge!

Moving Right Along Newsletter – Update #16  (June 28, 2010)

The Cancer Prevention Challenge is the ONLY fundraiser in Canada that exclusively focuses on initiatives to prevent cancer. Since 2004, when it began as The Run, Walk & Roll for Cancer Prevention, more than $400,000 has been raised to help support a wide variety of prevention projects, both local and national.

In fact, our own organization, Prevent Cancer Now, received much of its seed funding through The Cancer Prevention Challenge, and we continue to participate as a way to financially support our ever-expanding programs, our web site and quarterly newsletter, An Ounce. Our goal this year is ambitious – to raise $100,000 for our work through The 2010 Cancer Prevention Challenge.

As you know, most of the multi-million dollar ‘cure’ fundraisers in Canada organize and promote elaborate events in various parts of Canada, all with very high overheads! The Cancer Prevention Challenge operates a different way, by offering participants like PCN the electronic tools needed to create teams and events anywhere in Canada, all supported with personal fundraising web pages and automated charitable receipts for donations of $20 or more. These receipts are issued by The 2010 Cancer Prevention Challenge’s official sponsor, the Women’s Healthy Environments Network.

We at Prevent Cancer Now are organizing a number of events across the country as part of this year’s Cancer Prevention Challenge. Please help us by joining one of our 2010 Teams, or contact us at info@preventcancernow.ca to find out how you can create an event in your community to support Prevent Cancer Now and our important work.

Here is our line-up so far!

  • Rossland, BC (March 27, 2010) – Cancer Prevention Challenge at Red Mountain
  • Montreal (April 18, 2010) – Run for your Health Eco Walk and Roll
  • Ottawa (May 29-30, 2010) – Run Ottawa Event
  • Toronto (June 25, 2010) – Night Crawler 5-Miler
  • Halifax (June 13-20, 2010) – Halifax Events Here
  • Victoria (June 26, 2010) – Join Guy Dauncey’s Victoria Cancer Preventers.
  • Need ideas?

    • Host a dinner party. Your friends will be happy to pay for a great meal, knowing
      they are contributing to cancer prevention.
    • Clean out your basement and have a garage sale.
    • Gather some friends and sell off some of those great clothes you never wear.
    • Have a bake sale. How about “Cupcakes for Cancer Prevention”?

    All donations of $20 or more will get an official tax receipt from The 2010 Cancer Prevention Challenge’s
    official sponsor, the Women’s Healthy Environments Network.

    From Monday, March 1 to Wednesday June 30, 2010, join us and many other like-minded Canadians in
    raising funds to stop cancer before it starts.

    Will you rise to The Challenge?

    • To learn more about the 2010 Cancer Prevention Challenge click here.
    • To join or sponsor the PCN team in other Cancer Prevention Challenge events click here.
    • To get more information on the Red Mountain Cancer Prevention Challenge click here.