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Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic

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Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic

By Liz Armstrong, Guy Dauncey, and Anne Wordsworth

Cancer - 101 SolutionsThis ground-breaking book provides solutions for everyone from individuals to big
business to labour to government. It contains practical tools for parents, youth and
NGOs. For a sneak-peak we have made some sections available (see below).


“This book sends an urgent wake-up call…Some may be challenged by the passion of this book, but no one can dispute the grounds on which it rests.”
- Dr. Devra Davis

“This book delivers on the promise of its title. It is a well-researched and comprehensive analysis of today’s cancer epidemic. Its practical recommendations are illustrated by encouraging examples of successful initiatives that will surely inspire readers to action.”
- Ruth Grier, Former Ontario Minister of Environment & Minister of Health

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Author’s Preface: Guy Dauncey
Author’s Preface: Liz Armstrong
Author’s Preface: Anne Wordsworth
Preface by Dr. Warren Bell, MD [1]
Foreword by Dr. Devra Davis [2]

Part #1: The Global Epidemic

The Global Cancer Crisis
Our Body Burden [3]
The Cost of Cancer
What Causes Cancer?
What About Aging, Genetics and Lifestyle?
The Environmental Links
Cancer in Children
Cancer in Animals and Fish [4]
Cancer: The Bigger Picture
Risk Assessment and the Precautionary Principle
Changing the Cancer Paradigm
It’s Not Just Cancer
Prevention, Early Detection and Screening
Our Weakened Immunity
The Chemical Deluge [5]
Gender Benders
Cancer Where You Work [6]
Cancer Where You Live
Cancer from Cars, Trucks and Buses
The Way We Farm
The Food We Eat
Awash in Pesticides [7]
For Everyone’s Sake, Stop Smoking
Electromagnetic Radiation: We’re the Experiment

Cancer Hazards of Ionizing Radiation
Radiation and Nuclear Power
The Cancerous Corporation
The Limits – and Corruption – of Science
Big Pharma and the War on Cancer
Who Is Protecting Us?
What Are Cancer Charities and Hospitals
Doing to Prevent Cancer?
Prevent Cancer Now

Part #2: 101 Solutions

Ten Solutions for Individuals
Five Solutions for Parents [8]
Five Solutions for Youth
Ten Solutions for Action Groups
Five Solution for Health Care
Ten Solutions for Cities
Create Safe, Green Schools [9]
Five Solutions for Labour [10]
Fifteen Solutions for Business [11]
Twenty Solutions for Governments
Five Solutions for Developing Nations
Ten Global Solutions
One Solution for All of Us

Appendix 1: List of Cancer-Causing Agents, Mixtures & Exposures
Appendix 2: Glossary
About the Authors [12]

More Book Downloads Available Here [13]

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