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Welcome to the June 2010 Issue

There has been so much happening on the cancer and cancer prevention front these past few weeks, it is hard to decide what goes first in this issue of An Ounce. Some stories came out of the blue, such as the US President’s Cancer Panel’s report on links between cancer and the environment, which had longtime cancer prevention activists (like us!) pretty excited about the high profile response…at least until the American Cancer Society held sway with most mainstream media.

Other stories included the mixed and somewhat confusing results of the huge Interphone Study on cell phone use, and the May 19 release of the 2010 Canadian Cancer Statistics, which showed, no surprise here, that more people will be diagnosed with and die from cancer than ever before. We also offer a profile of Alyssa – a teen born with cancer, a report on the Canadian premiere of Living Downstream The Film, plus more on incineration, asbestos and KFC proffering pink buckets of its (in)famous fried chicken as a breast cancer fundraiser. Kentucky Fried Chicken as a good guy? Read on…