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June 24, 2010

Action Alert on Deadly Asbestos

Dear friend,

Please take a moment today and sent a brief email message to Peter Goodhand, CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), and CCS Chair Jimm Simon, urging that they publicly oppose a $58 million subsidy to the asbestos industry that would increase exports of deadly asbestos to the developing world.

If the CCS puts out a strong, clear statement calling on the Quebec government to NOT give the asbestos Industry the $58 million subsidy, it could make a BIG difference and might actually stop the deadly scheme. It would be very tragic if they failed to speak up publicly at this critical moment on this critical issue.

Below is a sample letter for you to adapt followed by some background information.

Thanks for acting today!

–The Prevent Cancer Now Team


Dear Mr. Goodhand and Mr. Simon,

As a concerned Canadian citizen, I urge the Canadian Cancer Society to publicly oppose the proposed $58 million subsidy by the Québec government that would ensure the continued export of deadly asbestos to the developing world. It is critical that you speak out on this issue at this critical moment in time. We believe your vocal opposition would make a big difference in stopping this immoral subsidy.

I look forward to hearing about your public opposition as soon as possible, given the July 1st deadline for approval of the subsidy.



  • The Québec government is planning to give the Asbestos industry a $58 million dollar subsidy to open a new asbestos mine.
  • The asbestos is destined for export to the developing world.
  • Organizations and doctors from around the world have publicly opposed Canada’s deadly asbestos exports to developing countries. It is immoral to export cancer and disease to those countries with the least ability to provide protection to their citizens.
  • The asbestos mine says its must get a positive answer from the Quebec government by July 1 or it will declare bankruptcy. The Minister of Economic Development, Innovation & Export has stated publicy that he is optimistic that the subsidy will be approved.
  • Visit the Prevent Cancer Now website for more information on deadly asbestos.