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2011 Cancer Prevention Challenge Update

By Dallas Shannon

The 2011 Cancer Prevention Challenge (CPC) is off to a great start. There has been a wide variety of creative fundraising ideas from various groups across Canada. There have been many requests to extend the CPC dates and in response, Prevent Cancer Now has extended the Challenge until November 30th. Many people have summer and fall challenges that they would like to try and we are looking forward to see the creative ideas people have come up with. If you have friends or family who want to try a Cancer Prevention Challenge, please let them know they can plan something over the summer and fall.

“Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about”– Ashleigh Brilliant

A Running Dedication

Jennifer Stewart’s father, Richard, lost his fight with cancer in 2007. In dedication to him, Jennifer participated in the Ottawa Race weekend and raises money for cancer prevention by participating in the CPC. Jennifer has been raising money for 5 years and this year she raised $310 – great job Jennifer! Click here to find out more.

Who ever thought that a sandwich could raise money?

Greg and Marci realized that their expertise and sandwich artistry could bring in big money for cancer prevention. Greg and Marci, inspired by the lowly sandwich, hosted a “sandwich” day at their house. For a $25 donation, they would wow you with sandwiches that contained local, organic ingredients while filling your tummy with healthy goodness. The results of their creative stacking?A cool $940 in donations. Now that’s what we call “mad stacks, yo”! Click here to find out more.

Victoria Cancer Prevention Champions

Guy Dauncy has an interesting way that he (and his team) are raising money this year. His team is running to and from healthy businesses in the Victoria area. Vegan, veggie and raw food restaurants are on the runners’ “menu” as well as health based businesses, toxic free businesses and organic locations. It sounds like a fun, healthy way to raise money for cancer prevention. Good luck Guy!

Why not challenge yourself?

Pick one simple thing that relates to cancer prevention and use the CPC to educate friends and family about the idea of prevention. While most of society thinks about “the cure”, you can introduce the idea of prevention. Click here and join now!

If you have a Cancer Prevention Challenge idea that you would like to discuss please email me at: dallas@preventcancernow.ca

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