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“Prevention is the Cure” presentation now freely available to public

By Jake Cole

Available to the public in the Ottawa region, “Prevention Is The Cure” is a new multi-media presentation which explains the top 12 steps to avoid cancer. In addition to covering the steps many of us already know – eat an organic, plant-based diet, exercise and don’t smoke. It also presents ways to further eliminate cancer-causing agents – in cleansers, cosmetics and other products, it also demonstrates the need for people to work together to reduce environmental carcinogens in our air, our food, and our water, in our homes and at our workplaces.

Using the personal experience of cancer survivors like Carole McCaskill, who has come through a bout of ovarian cancer, the presentation gives the audience practical tips on what to do, what to buy, and how to better protect themselves from cancer or a recurrence.

“Prevention Is The Cure” is currently available in the Ottawa area for community groups, workplaces, schools, universities and colleges, churches – anywhere where people meet. The presentation is free and the take home message is priceless.

Contact us at 613-755-0110 or info@preventcancernow.ca to arrange a presentation for your group or to attend one of our upcoming public events.

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