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Toxic End-Runs Prolonging Pesticide Use

Well, the Super Bowl was fun!

… now we can tackle Health Canada’s end-runs on pesticides legislation and regulation, as described by the Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

A Legislative End-Run around a new, protective “uncertainty factor” introduced in the revised Pest Control Products Act (2002)

This was intended to cover inevitable uncertainties, because it is unethical to feed pesticides to pregnant women to see what happens to their children and subsequent generations. In the revised Act, pesticides exposures were to be lowered by a factor of ten around homes and schools, and to protect the most vulnerable, because of innate susceptibilities. Pregnant women, infants, children, women and seniors are among the most vulnerable. Use of this “PCPA factor” would have reduced or eliminated some common pesticides. The Ontario College of Family Physicians argued hard that this factor was a bare minimum requirement. Industry representatives flew to Ottawa, argued the opposite, and apparently won the day. The recent pesticides audit by the Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainable Development found that the factor was only used one time out of ten.

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Cancer a roll of the dice? World Health Organization says no.


Sure cancer is rotten luck, but it is not unpreventable!
Media Release from January 12, 2015.
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Radon Awareness Equals Cancer Prevention

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. After smoking, radon is the LEADING cause of lung cancer in Canada (roughly 16% of lung cancer deaths each year are attributed to radon).

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