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November is Radon Awareness Month

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. After smoking, radon is the LEADING cause of lung cancer in Canada (roughly 16% of lung cancer deaths each year are attributed to radon).

For information on how to protect you and your loved ones against radon exposure, visit here and here. To get a radon test kit, visit here. To take action for stronger policies, regulations and laws, visit here.

Take care and have a safe, healthy and happy November!
-– The PCN Team

Rethinking Carcinogens

New view of cancer development focuses on subtle, combined effects. To learn more, visit the Environmental Working Group website here.

PCN supports The Halifax Project and its approach to cancer prevention
(see related: Applying the Hallmarks of Cancer for Prevention and Treatment).

Cancer a roll of the dice? WHO says no.

Sure cancer is rotten luck, but it is not unpreventable! See media release.

    — Huffington Post
    — WHO/IARC Media Release

Scientific Review to Support Public Policy Regarding Exposure to Radiation from Wireless Communications Devices

By Meg Sears M.Eng. Ph.D and Marg Friesen M.Sc. (June 15th, 2015)

Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and
the European BioElectromagnetics Association
(JUNE 14-19, 2015 / CALIFORNIA, USA)

UPDATE: Federal politicians listened! We now await Health Canada’s actions…
Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health Issues Recommendations to Address Exposures to Radiation from Wireless Devices, Educate Canadians, and Conduct Research and Rigorous Scientific Review
(as recommended by Prevent Cancer Now to Health Canada and to the World Health Organization).